Genomic Training

In this track, we will teach attendees the basic knowledge underlying genomics–how to go from biological samples to data and genomic results. In simple fashion, we will describe the different steps involved in genomic analysis and provide an introduction to each. This track is a unique feature of this conference and enables anyone with an interest in genomics to begin to understand and explore the field. 

Genomics for Everyone: A gentle introduction to the basic concepts of genomics and precision medicine

Sample to Genome: Converting a sample into genomic data

Understanding Sequence Variation: Introduction to Variant and Mutation Identification

Structural Variation in the Genome: Introduction to Structural Alterations in DNA

Genomic Approaches for Understanding Cellular State: Introduction to CHIPseq, ATACseq, RNAseq, Single Cell RNAseq

Manipulating the genome: Introduction to RNAi, Genome Editing and CRISPR

An engaging panel discussion will bring together leading practitioners in the field to discuss their careers and future career possibilities in genomics.

Each talk/panel will be followed by Q&A.Sample to Genome 

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