Genomic Medicine

In this track, we explore how genomics drives precision medicine. 

Our Keynote, Phil Febbo (Chief Medical Officer, Illumina) has been closely involved in driving clinical applications for sequencing. He will discuss our genomic future(s).

Gary Middleton (Professor at Univ of Birmingham, UK), lead investigator of the National Lung Matrix Study will discuss the design and implementation and lessons learned from the largest precision medicine trials ever conducted in cancer

Anita Gandhi (Excutive Director of Translational Medicine, Bristol-Myers Squibb) will discuss the application of genomic medicine in the development of immunomodulatory agents.

Michelle Green (Program Leader of Molecular Tumor Board at Duke University). Do you wish there was a single place you could review the current state of the art in connecting genetic alterations to targeted therapy? We did too. Dr. Green will present a comprehensive review of the current precision medicine landscape in cancers.

Each talk will be followed by Q&A.

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