Genomic Discovery & Global Health

In this track, we explore the evolving opportunities for scientific discoveries using genomics. We focus on two different aspects. First, the application of global approaches to sample the diversity of human genomes in order to better understand human traits and diseases. Second, we will discuss experimental approaches that are needed to convert genomic discoveries to a better biological understanding and new treatments for disease.

Our Keynote, Sarah Tishkoff leads the Center for Global Genomics and Equity at University of Pennsylvania. She will talk about genomic insights from studying diverse populations

Dr. Raj Ramesar leads the genetics department at University of Cape Town and is well known for his work with native African populations to elucidate genetic traits underlying schizophrenia and cancers. He will speak about the genetics underlying cancers in Africa.

Jason Cyster is Howard Hughes Investigator and Professor at University of California, San Francisco and will speak on traversing genomic discovery to function–using the focal adhesion pathway as an example.

Ari Melnick is a Professor at Cornell University and will trace the epigenetic journey of EZH2 from genomic oddity to new drug.

Each talk will be followed by Q&A.

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